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Almost time to embrace the winter!


I love winter.  If you, like me, enjoy the adrenalin rush that comes with the thrill and excitement of winter sports you will be spending the latter part of autumn looking forward to the first snowfall!

The undercurrent of excitement is beginning to bubble as I picture the beautiful landscapes of the Alps; crisp mountain air, azure skies, mountains blanketed with snow - deep, crisp and even. I look forward to seeing old ski-buddies and meeting new, both on and off the piste and taking my skiing ability to another level.  I can’t wait................


We have been very busy this half term!
We are delighted to see our clients returning to us year after year and we receive calls for advice on family friendly resorts.


“I particularly liked the way you guided me through your resorts and gave me so much information about our options on where to ski this winter with the family. Being a new parent and coming out with the whole family, small and big and the grandparents too, it felt daunting, we have to please everyone. Your chat gave me the confidence and inspiration to go for it, the next minute I filled in the booking form and the chalet!”

There is always a place for everyone, new and trendy, rustic and cosy, the party scene, the gastronomy, the picturesque, the adrenaline seeker. We love all our ski resorts, this is why we chose to have our nannies there!



Peak weeks are almost booked up but we have some great weeks still remainingand some discounts too– check out our beautiful resortsand list of companies offering a fantastic range of accommodation before completing the booking page.

We look forward to welcome both returning and new families for fun and adventure with some leisurely down time too.  
Whatever destination you and your family choose for your skiing holiday this winter, I wish you a magical time!


Looking forward to seeing you soon
Warmest regards
0044 7860925055
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Isn’t Autumn beautiful!

Iautumn1 went cycling along the canal with my kids this weekend and it was a treat for the senses.

With the trees a blaze of oranges, golds and browns, the crackling through the carpet of leaves, the smell of dampened earth , the beautiful sunshine...all that with the burning scents of log fires from the canal boats reminded me the times when the kids were small and had to organise the half term more of that. Now this smell of burning wood brings the excitement of snow scenes and the ski season ahead.

We are not wishing Autumn away, but with a first glimpse of snow on top of Mont Blanc last week, for us here winter feels just round the corner!

What is new

After a recent trip to France our accommodation in all our resorts in now sorted and our teams organised.

autumn2We are blessed to have sourced some excellent qualified nannies and teachers who will be scattered around the Alps in our popular resorts to help families have a hassle free holiday and the kids a memorable time too!

New resorts for the season
Our largest team is in the 3 Valleys, Chamonix and St Anton and last year we added Samoens, Megeve and Morillon.

Due to demand for this season we have added nannies in La Clusaz and Grand Bornand, two lovely French resorts close to Geneva with skiing for all the family, also Davos/Klosters in Switzerland. Worth checking these before you book, information is also found on our website resorts page too.

autumn4Final tip
When it comes to ski holidays with kids we need to act smart, booking your nanny before your chalet is what we strongly recommend. I have learnt to ski because I was able to leave my very young children in my nannies' capable hands some seasons ago.

Looking forward to seeing you soon

Warmest regards
0044 7860925055
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Fun in the sun! And family ski!

September is one of the loveliest months to visit the Greek Islands and mainland Greece - the crowds have gone, temperatures are fresher and the sea is still warm. Bliss!


We have been very lucky this summer to have seen some of our loyal clients with us in the Greek Isles. Kids who ski with us in the winter, now holiday in the sun with us too! This just shows how our private nanny service goes a long way and we have gained an excellent reputation for the hard work we do in hand picking our nannies for their genuine passion for childcare.




And of course, thanks to our wonderful nannies too! They are spot on! They plan activities for our resorts with care and the locality in mind. They love the sun, the snow and kids, what else!?   Our Kids In Greece nannies are still working in some Greek Islands and in Athens and we keep receiving great feedback. This has encouraged us to go a little further and have new additions in Athens for the winter months too. There are some exquisite Boutique Hotels and Spa resorts where you can completely unwind and treat yourself while the kids are having a great time too.

 But don't forget the snow!


Our family ski venues for this winter are our popular French resorts in the Alps as well as our Austrian and Swiss resorts.


We have selected some high quality nannies who are looking forward to the winter ahead, so book your nanny before your chalet if you are planning to ski. For any advice on child friendly resorts and good family ski tips on childcare call us, we are always happy to help.

Look forward to seeing you soon.
Warmest regards
Katia Koumantou

0044 7860925055
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August Fun & Winter News

This has been an awesome summer so far! For us, for our clients and for our nannies!
First of all I want to welcome back those who have been away on holiday, but if you have not been yet I hope you have a great time.


A summer filled with great work. Work at home and work during the holidays! While you might be lying on a beach, we have been interviewing new nannies for our winter, and exploring new resorts for the summer...oh, and getting a glimpse of the sun too...

Our summer resorts have been very busy, the nannies strictly fabulous and the clients more than happy (check our testimonials on ....


Although we never wish the summer away... we can't stop thinking about the snow...

If you are planning a family ski holiday and you are feeling a slight guilt about leaving the children behind to enjoy your time...then don't! Just pick up the phone and call usanytime (our summer office seems to be working 24/7 at the moment!...and we don't complain!!!)

We can talk endlessly about family friendly resorts, locations, kid friendly chalets and hotels and childcare options with us or not. Our nannies will spoil you with thefreedom you deserve, and the kids will have an absolutely memorable time.

With heaps of enthusiasm and planned activities, our Merinannies will come to your chalet, look after the children, get them readyfor play or piste, and allow you to get on with your day. They can even do your kids' shopping before you arrive, nappies, baby milk and food, wipes and more.



Our peak weeks are nearly full and we are thrilled to see how we are trusted to have unborn babies on the list. If you want to ski, spa or party book early. We have a large team but a popular one too!

Check our new destinations and our new nannies page (some nannies are re-joining us) and fill in the Booking Form to avoid disappointment.

In the meantime enjoy the rest of the summer!


Warmest regards
0044 7860925055

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A June Love Affair

A love affair...Mountains and the sun!

Have you ever had one of those holidays where everything went right?

For me its either the snow in the Alps or crystal waters and secret coves. Coupled with the charming unspoilt villages this ensures an idyllic holiday to remember.

What's more we have now added new destinations for our private nanny service in the most desirable Greek Islands so the whole family can have fun.



Greece offers hundreds of islands each with its own character and atmosphere. They provide arhaeological treasures and vibrant nightlife, quaint villages, magnificent beaches, delicious food and most of all the famous, genuine Greek hospitality.





Elegant Corfu with its cosmopolitan atmosphere, steeped in history Crete with its mythological sites and olive covered hillsides, heavenly Kefalonia with spectacular coves and caves, charming Rhodes with its medieval castles, playful Mykonos for a trendy nightlife and stunning Santorini with its jaw dropping volcanic scenery...a wealth of variety to choose from. 

Our locally based nannies are handpicked for their warm and caring personalities and exceptional childcare qualities. They speak more than one language and know the resorts inside out, ready to provide tips on the locality.





Summer activities vary from indoor crafts and arts to outdoor play in the villa pool, garden dens, or town strolls for ice-cream tasting, swimming and accompanying to water activities too.

You can relax in the knowledge that we are there for quality, reliability, dedication and passion. After ten years of success in the Alps we can only be proud of the quality of service we provide to our families.



All you have to do is book your holiday and call us. We are always happy to discuss locations and the service in detail.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.
Warm Regards
0044 7860925055
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